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What is Microblading?!

The popularity of #microblading has soared over the last few years with clients desperate to have it done and students eager to learn the craft. But what is Microblading?

Even with this spike in popularity, I am often presented with potential clients and students who have no idea what the treatment entails beyond 'nice eyebrows', or clients asking for #Microblading when actually they really want a different service. Also I have seen articles in major newspapers and magazines talking about 'Microblading' and #permanentmakeup and giving totally incorrect information. No wonder everyone is confused!!

So! i'm going to answer this commonly googled question, and hope to help people in their quest for the brows or careers of their dreams!

#Microblading #nanoblading #eyebrowfeathering (I could go on) is more correctly termed- Manual Permanent makeup. It is a method of implanting(tattooing) pigment into the skin to give the affect of fuller eyebrows. It is done with a manual tool that looks similar to a pen with some teenie tiny needles attached to one end. essentially this is a manual tattoo, like stick and poke, handpoked tattoos(one for the hipsters 😜) just like humans have been doing for hundreds of years but now we are focusing on eyebrows and of course we have more advanced tools!

Often clients come and wonder why there is no buzzing noise and they can't see a tattoo machine, this is why. It is a totally MANUAL technique :)

so how does it differ to traditional body tattooing? well the needles we use are made specifically for their purpose and are so fine so that we can create really natural looking results that should look just like the clients hair. Cool right!?

Another major difference to body tattoos are the pigments(inks) that we use. So for permanent makeup we use specialist pigments that have really small molecules so that the skin can break them down and pass through the lymphatic system, in other words; they will fade over time, about 1-3 years. The reason for this is that ink implanted into the skin changes colour over time, always. You may have some body tattoos yourself, if not I am sure you at least know someone that does. Think about what colour black tattoos look after 1year+. Blue right?! or maybe even green. SO imagine how bad your eyebrows would look when the colour started to change after a year? This is the reason we have these amazing pigments that break down, then we can adjust things, colours and shape etc at each refreshing appointment :)

Okay so enough waffling about ink! What other methods of permanent make up are there?

Well lets stick with eyebrows, to keep it simple. We now know that Microblading is a term commonly used to describe the manual method of #hairstroketattoo for eyebrows right? Another technique we can do is shading. Some may call it #powderbrows some will call it #ombrebrows #pixelbrows #stardust , i'm sure you get the point. This technique achieves a look than looks more similar to makeup, like a powder or pencil. It can be done really subtly and give a really natural result OR you can build that colour up to achieve a more intense look.

We can do shading with manual tools that are similar to microblading tools or it can be done with a machine. It depends on the preference of the artist working, and they will of course take into consideration the clients skin type etc.

But what if we love the idea of subtle, natural microbladed hairstrokes but the sound of soft powdery Ombre is giving us life? well great news people, we can combine both techniques. Yes!!! This is actually the most popular service I personally offer which is why in the beginners class I teach I include both techniques and how to combine

Well I hoped you found this little blog post useful and feel informed in your brow quest! and remember, don't be afraid to ask! If you've contacted an artist to have a treatment done or take a class of theirs, just ask!!! They should be able to explain every technique they offer, how its done and will show you what tools, needles pigments etc that they use.

Lets stop the misinformation spreading, confusing our clients and lets face it, putting them off!! lets help everyone to be informed and aware of exactly what you're paying for and having done to that beautiful face of yours

Spread the word ✌️

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