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She has fire in her soul and a killer pair of brows

If you have thin, over-plucked or patchy brows or maybe you just want a little extra definition and shape, then Permanent Makeup is for you. We can add thickness, colour, fill in patches or even completely rebuild a brow from scratch if you have no hair at all.

Whether you want the ultra natural result of hair strokes or a more defined powder result, we are here to give you the best result. We are experts in sussing out the perfect style for each client so don't worry if you feel lost! We will help you make your decision during your appointment or you can give us a call to arrange a visit to discuss your options.

See below for a description of each brow treatment 


Microblading has soared in popularity over the last few years but you may still be wondering what it's all about!

Microblading refers to the manual technique of permanent makeup. We use a pen-like handtool with super fine needles attached to implant pigment into the skin. We 'draw' hair strokes to mimic your natural hair growth pattern to give a very natural effect of fuller brows


'Ombre' refers to a gradient effect of light to dark. When talking about eyebrows it mean a soft powdered effect that is darker at the tails and middle of brows and lighter at the front which gives a more natural effect as this is where normally we would have less hair.

Ombre is perfect for clients who normally wear powder on their brows. It is also a great option for clients who have oily or thin skin as hair strokes may not be the best option.

Strokes and Shading

Strokes and shading or 'Combination Brows'(Pictured above right) is a combination of Microbladed hairstrokes and soft shading to fill in gaps and add more definition.

The result is still natural and as much or as little shading can be added depending on how natural or intense you would like your brows to be. This is our most popular service

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