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Fed up of trying to get that perfect wing or just want brighter, defined more youthful eyes when you wake up? With our eyeliner treatment you can define those peepers with a subtle lash enhancement, winged liner or smokey liner. 


Are your lips looking a little lack lustre? Lost pigment over time or after having lip fillers? Maybe you feel your lips are lacking shape and just need some definition


"Live your eyeliner

and breathe your lipstick"- Lady Gaga


Eyeliner tattoo is great for clients who want to add definition to their eyes making the roots of their lashes look thicker with a natural lash enhancement treatment or for those wanting a more dramatic style you can opt for a winged liner and even add some soft powder!

results will last 3+ years

Regular colour boosts are recommended to keep your liner looking vibrant

Lip Blush

Our lip blush treatment is perfect for those clients who want to give the appearance of a fuller lip, enhance shape/symmetry, enhance your natural lip colour or add lost colour from ageing or from having lip fillers.

The initial result may look bright and intense but will fade significantly after healing resulting in a super soft and natural lip blush.

Results with last for approx. 2-5 years.

If you suffer from cold sores, you must take herpes medication for 3 days prior and after your treatment

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